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The Basic Rules of Cricket Explained

A quick basic explanation on the rules of cricket....

How to Play Cricket

How to Play Cricket...

What is Cricket!!!

Useful new video explaining the second played - and best viewed television sport in the world, By ICC - International Cricket Council...

Batting Masterclass

Virat Kohli's batting demo with Nasser Hussain...


  • Are South Asian kids in the US falling out of love with cricket?

    The lure of basketball and baseball, where the pathways are clearer, is all too strong for children whose primary link with cricket is their parents' love for it... more

  • Houston, we have a cricket league!!!!

    Over the past four decades, expats from India and elsewhere have built up a vibrant cricket scene in the Texan city ... more

  • HPL 2017

    HPL Live talk show featuring the owners of HPL teams and hosted by Mustafa Hemani and Muneer Majid... more

  • ICC outlines proposed USACA constitution

    The ICC has today highlighted the key principles of the proposed new constitution... more

  • Global Sports Ventures Expands Cricket in USA With $2.4 Billion

    Global Sports Ventures, a sports development company, today announced plans to build an estimated $2.4 Billion in infrastructure and business development to drive economic... more

  • Tape-ball cricket: a league of its own!!!!

    The popular street game has the potential to spread beyond Pakistan if it gets the right backing and television coverage ... more