About us


NextGen Cricket Academy was formed in 2011 (inspired by the Youth Cricket conducted by India House in 2009) with the vision of spreading the great game of Cricket to the new generation of kids in Houston, USA

What we offer

  • 01.
    Understanding the Game

    Provide a safe environment to play and to create an environment where kids can improve their knowledge and understanding of cricket, develop social skills and their relationships with other children, improve their physical fitness and values that will encourage participation and enjoyment of sport and cricket in particular. The focus is on introducing the skills & requirements of cricket in fun, engaging and child friendly activities.

  • 02.
    Work closely with each kids

    Encourage equal opportunities for all Kids and sessions include warm up, fielding, batting and bowling in nets and outdoors at the ground. Personalized Interactive Sessions. Individual assessments. Develop Discipline, Teamwork, and overcoming Adversity, three extremely important attributes in sports that pertain to everyday life.

  • 03.
    Session Highlights

    Taped Tennis balls are used for our coaching program for Beginners and Synthetic ball coaching for the intermediate level students. Each session will be 90 min with 45 min of Training and 45 min of interactive game with Kids, Parents, Volunteers and Coaches.



All the best, the kids will do well under your leadership.

Abhilash Shanmugan

Great opportunity to benefit from dedicated cricketers. Nairs have a good experience in coaching kids in past few years My kids had great experience during coaching at India House.

Bimal Parekh